Why do business need Marketing Consultant?

In business counseling our expert advisor evaluates, together with the client, their business model. A thorough study is conducted for bettering the business efficiency, while providing business development and expansion strategy. Different sections of consultation are discussed according to clients situation and needs.

The focus is on conducting Market Study, Market Research, Competitor Analysis and preparing a strategy for Product Selection, Business Development, Telemarketing , Sales Promotion Activities with an aim to help the client increase their Brand Awareness and Business Growth.

Our Business Consultant finally becomes a personal advisor to the Business Owner acting as their sensory extension in the Market . He is a well wisher who always tells you what is good for your business and guides you with his field of expertise and varied experience.

Helping Brand Creation & Business Growth

  • Corporate Branding
  • Business Identity Creation
  • Branded Website Designing
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Print Advertisements
  • TV Commercials
  • Virtual Animations
  • Animation of Engineering Automation
  • Online Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Branding Strategy & Positioning
  • Media Planning with Budget Efficiency
  • Sales Pitch & Customer Counseling
  • Implementation of CRM Programs
  • Market Research & Competition Analysis
  • Business Model Optimization